Admission Open for 2024-2025


Over the next decade, Computer Software engineering is expected to grow rapidly. I.T. Professionals perform a variety of functions, that range from installing applications, data management, networking, database & software design, as well as management & administration of entire systems.

I.T. has spread from computers to other technologies such as use of cell phones, televisions, automobiles, etc. which has immensely increased the demand for I.T. professionals.

The curriculum at International is so made, that the course provides a good theoretical foundation through high quality teaching, complemented by extensive practical training.


I.T. graduates are highly valued by many employers seeking professionals with practical abilities & broad technical understanding of emerging technologies in I.T. industry . IT professionals get well paid jobs in various fields. They also work as Programmers, Software Engineers, Various positions in BPOs, Banks, Airlines, MNCs, etc.


One / Two / Three Years Diploma course


10th / 12th /Graduation

Fundamentals of Computers

Operating System & Application Program

Programming Languages

Practical on C Programming & Application Programming

Data Base Management System

Internet & Webpage Designing

Visual Basics

Practical on Visual Basics, DBMS, & HTML

Project Work

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